Floorball, also known as Uni Hockey, is a version of indoor hockey that is growing in popularity across the world.  Cities across New Zealand have established clubs and now BayActive is bringing the sport here to the Bay for 2019!




  • Floorball is played indoors, typically with five field players and a goalkeeper (without a stick), within a 50cm high boarded rink.
  • The goals are set-in so play continues behind the goal line, similar to ice hockey.
  • The game is quick with 2 x 10-minute halves.
  • All equipment is provided including sticks, balls, goalie equipment, and bibs.
  • Umpires are also provided as part of the game.
  • Floorball is a safe, fast and fun sport and easy for people to pick up as other than a stick, no protective gear is required. There are few rules, mainly to make it a safe sport for everyone.


Full rules can be found here 

Full Junior rules can be found here

Or watch this video below


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