• The game is played for 33 minutes (16 minute halves) including 1 minute for half time


  • Players must be at least 13yrs of age.
  • A minimum of two females must be on the court at all times.
  • Ten players maximum registered per team.
  • Six players on the court at one time. A minimum of five players must take the court.
  • Players are not permitted to wear anything while on court that may endanger them or other players i.e. jewellery, rings etc
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn on court. No bare feet.
  • Players may not play for two teams in the same grade.
  • A Division 1 player may play in a lower division as well, as long as they have been registered with that team before the competition starts and play in the grading games – Effectively a player can step up divisions but not step down when filling in on a casual basis for teams who are short of players

Late Arrivals

  • Teams will incur a 1 point penalty for every min they do not have a minimum of 3 players taking the court. Arrival after 10min will result in the late arrivals defaulting the game points (they may still play the game).

Substitutions/Injured players

  • Substitutions may be made at half time or when the ball goes dead i.e. at the conclusion of a point.
  • The substituted player must be off the court before the replacement goes on.
  • An injured player can be substituted at any time.
  • Any players with bleeding wounds must leave the court. A substitute can take up the vacant position.

Competition Scoring

  • 5 Points for a win
  • 3 Points for a draw
  • 1 Point for a loss.
  • 0 points default with less than 24hrs notice given
  • 5 bonus points if registration fees fully paid by second week of the league


  • A blatant case of poor conduct or sportsmanship will result in a player’s expulsion from the match after which their team must carry out the rest of the game without them.
  • All players will treat the umpire with respect. The decision of the umpire shall be final and shall be given without appeal.

Uniforms & Equipment

  • Teams are encouraged to wear their own team tops, for both appearance and comfort reasons. Bibs will be provided if needed.
  • Match balls will be provided for each match but warm up or practice balls will not.


Start of play

  • The game will begin with all the balls lined up on the centre-line (3 balls on each side).
  • Players must have one hand on the back wall of the court. On the umpires whistle, they will run and collect the balls on their right hand side of the court.
  • Balls must be passed behind the attack-line to become activated.


  • Each team must stay within their half of the court.
  • A player will be eliminated if:
    • They are tagged by a ball thrown by the other team. Ball must hit them below the shoulders.
    • They are holding a ball and it is knocked out of their hands by a ball thrown by the other team
    • A ball that is thrown is caught by the opposing player on the full. The player who caught the ball on thefull can then have one of their eliminated team members re-join play.
    • A player steps out of bounds
  • If the ball hits the referee, play will continue if no team gains an unfair advantage. If there is an unfair advantage, it will be at the referee’s discretion as to how to proceed.
  • Players will be encouraged to throw a ball they have within 10 seconds (umpire to monitor) to ensure the game continues to move


  • Once a team has been fully eliminated a point will be awarded to the team that is not eliminated. The team at the end of the game with the most points will win a game.
  • Any game that is being played when the final whistle goes will be deemed incomplete and will not count towards the score of the game.